Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Installing a wood burning stove into a shepherds hut

Shepherds Hut Stove Installation
The increasing popularity of shepherds huts has seen a huge rise in the number of styles and material choices available from a host of makers. They range in price, for a new or second hand one from £7000 to £20000!  Whichever hut you have, the only thing that really makes your hut a ‘home from home’ is having a wood stove fitted. Having a stove will allow you to use your hut all year round, so if you are hiring it out for the ‘glamping’ market, it will soon pay for itself! This blog is about the flue parts needed, the stoves available and a step by step guide on how to install a small wood burning stove into your shepherds hut.
The flue components you require can be summarized as follows;
1 x 1000mm length single skin flue
1 x 500mm length single skin flue
1 x Adaptor single to twin wall flue pipe
1 x 500mm twin wall flue
1 x rain cap
1 x flashing /storm collar
1 x cover plate
1 x support bracket
( you may also require locking bands/joint clips depending on the flue system manufacturer selected)
Flue components can be sourced from Salamander Stoves
Installing a ‘Hobbit’ stove into Dermot’s hand built shepherd hut
Tucked away in the green folds of the Devon countryside, Dermot constructed his first shepherds hut. From an old set of wheels, Dermot then built a chassis and hut from a mixture of new and reclaimed materials. To heat the hut he then set about installing a ‘Hobbit’ stove from Salamander Stoves. This little  4kw stove was the perfect size for Dermots larger sized hut. The stove was mounted on a slate hearth in the corner of the hut. Steel shielding was added around the stove into the corner. The flue was mounted at the rear of the stove using a 90degree T and cap. This liberated the entire stove top which can then be used for cooking


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